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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

S*N*O*W*Y Backdrop!*!*!

W*I*S*C*O*N*S*I*N's  WiNTeR
Has come toooo soon !*!*!

Pretty as it is...
  I STILL have lots to do in the FREEZING GaRaGe, to
 *Secure-My-SHaBBies* for the LONG
Winter Season Upon Us...  A*N*D that includes getting my Van-In...
**~ Stay Warm ~**


  1. I see on the news you have a little snow blowing around

  2. Hi Jeanine,
    Love your skates with the fur tops toooooo cute. I missed you at 3 French Hens had a dear friend die suddenly at 48 years old so I was dealing with that sadness. My friends said the show was not good this year. Did you sell there? Are you selling at Mark's show this coming Friday. I am planning on going to that one. Hope to see you if you are selling.


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