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Friday, May 14, 2010

"Part TWO" ~ More on Debby's Store...

Here are some "inside pics" of TREASURE & TEA in Mansfield, Ohio... ~ My #1 BeSt-Ever ChiPPy -SHaBBy Stop-To-Shop!!!

Debby's back door ~ leads to the outdoor garden/gazebo area...

View from the Road... 

First peek as you enter the store...  There's soooo much to look at!!!  I see now there's things I missed... detail... detail...

I just love the white floor with "little fleurs" - stenciled...  The couch is a perfect go-with!*!*!

A rare find...

Yes, this mirror had the BeSt-Ever silver loss patina!!! 

Debby has a booth in an antique store...  I always have to stop there too...

"The Keepers"???  The Story on the table:  I have been working on Debby to sell me this 2-die-4 shabby, from her personal collection, for 3 years now!!!  This was "my lucky trip"...  I was wonderfully greeted in the store by a tag affixed to "MY TABLE" - saying HOLD FOR JEANINE!!!  I love it as much as the first time I saw it!*!*!  Thank You Debby!!!  The other piece is 2-die-4 as well...  ~ It's a shelf with sides - possibly was a fireplace mantel fragment -or- a soffit box of sort above a window curtain...   If I can't find a place for it in the house, soon ~ ***YOU might just find it at one of my sales***

It's getting down to the wire with my **ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Sale, here in Cedarburg** - just 8 days away!!!  SATURDAY, MAY 22nd...  I'll be posting "Pre-View Pics" all next week!!!   YOU definitely won't want to miss this one...  Check the side bar for details!!!


  1. Love the mirror with patina, actually I like the whole store. Happy Friday, T

  2. Beautiful, sure wish I lived a little closer!!

  3. Wonderful shop...looks like a fabulous time!

  4. I covet her back door - my color! What a great shop. Can't wait to see the previews of your sale...


  5. I can't get enough of these pictures....I'd spend HOURS there if I could!

  6. I love your trip so far.. What fun for you and your husband...Good times!

  7. I love your shop and treasures! Drooling! I can totally relate to your list!


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