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Monday, May 31, 2010

***MEMORIAL DAY*** 2010

A day of rest???? ~ Don't think sooooo....  Major house & garage organization AFTER two big SaLes, 2 weekends in a row...  I'm now getting ready for "MY FAVORITE OUTDOOR VENUE OF THE YEAR" - Northwind Perennial Farm Antique Garden Show ~ just outside of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin...  Enjoy the rest of your Monday HoLiDay!*!*!  It's almost summer...  UpNorth Cottage...  Boating...  The Lake...  BBQ...   CHECK BACK Later in the week:  I'll be posting yesterday's MAXWELL STREET FLEA MARKET PICS...  

This was LAST YEAR'S HoLiDaY BBQ...  I better get to the grocery store if I want a repeat this year!!!

Nothing say MEMORIAL HoLiDay Weekend like Boats in the water...  This was taken at Pewaukee Lake, in Wisconsin, last year...

OMG!*!*!  An AMPHICAR!!!  I finally saw one driving on land & entering the water!!!  MY DREAM ~ to get a ride in one someday...


  1. Look at the color on that amphi car! Why is it not aquacar?


  2. I was about ready to invite myself over for your fabulous cookout, then you said it was last years, OK, I'll be there by the time you get back from the store! ha ha. LOVE that turquoise amphibian there. Looks like an old T-Bird, really cute. Have a great rest of the holiday!!

  3. I miss my Wisconsin!!! especially on holidays like this..

  4. cool look forward to it ! you display stuff so good love to look at your blog thank you

  5. some one around me has one of those boat cars i saw it at the gas station never saw one in water


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