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Monday, October 5, 2009

FaBuLouS!!! ~ FOOD & DRINK

The ***"Bug Man"*** from Colorado makes The BeSt Lemonade on the Planet!!!! - I'm serious... Fresh squeezed & sweetened just right!!! PeRfeCt in 115 degree weather! *** Royer's Cafe*** located at "Zapp Hall" in Warrenton, Texas had a sweet ICE TEA deal for all the vendors... Buy a large $5.00 Ice Tea in a special plastic cup ~ endless free refills ALL WEEK!!!! It was The BeSt Ice Tea ever!!! Each day around 2 o'clock I would wander over to ***"Manuel's Taco Stand"*** ~ YES, I had 2 Chicken Tacos EVERY DAY!!! ~ BeSt Ever!!! Mariann's partner, Tom "grilled-out" delicious pork chops & brats just as a surprise thunder storm hit... Tom was soooooo funny yelling "bring it on" ~ the sky more than obliged!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness, how adorable the little V W bug, best lemonade!!! i would love to be walking down the road and run into to that!!! Sweet!!! xoxo gina p


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